Ondolia Heating Solutions | Real Heating Solutions for the Imaginative

Adaptable, Clean, Efficient and Healthy

Imagine heating a home, office building or warehouse cleanly, evenly and efficiently, without ducts or dust.

Imagine never having to clean snow and ice off of cars, driveways or rooftops.

Imagine growing tomatoes outdoors in January, or extending the soybean-growing season by two months.

It's not your imagination; it's Ondolia.

Ondolia is a radiant heat source that can be used in nearly limitless applications.

No dust. No furnace. No pipes or plumbing. Ondolia is completely quiet and allergen free.

Its uniform temperature and selective use make it extremely energy efficient and cost effective. And its FAR infrared heat warms the area completely up to eight feet above the surface. At a thickness of .45mm, Ondolia film is extremely durable, thin and unnoticeable. Ondolia 110 film will heat up to 115 degrees F; Ondolia 220 film will heat up to 170 degrees and carries a 10 year guarantee.

Proven Technology

Ondolia has been installed in over 10,000 homes in Korea, China and Europe. Other countries include Taiwan, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Russia, Bahrain, Ukraine, and more recently, the United States. Ondolia is currently being used in many industrial applications including: apartment buildings, restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, hospitals, schools, greenhouses, farms, animal pens, churches, mosques, and saunas. This winter, Ondolia will partner with the Siberian Government and test in a local airport runway.

Rapid, Clean, Even Heat for Limitless Applications

If you can imagine a use for Ondolia, we can help you manufacture it and offer it to your customers.

  • Ondolia film underneath wood, stone or carpeted floors throughout a home will heat a home completely. Individual thermostats for each room allow you to turn heat off in rooms not in use.
  • Ondolia film underneath or over concrete floors will heat a warehouse, garage, driveway ,walkway or animal pen evenly, and radiate warmth up to eight feet above the surface.
  • Ondolia film on rooftops prevents ice and snow damage effectively and energy efficiently.
  • Ondolia film woven into auto or boat seats and under carpeting can keep a vehicle or boat heated efficiently.